Veterans Helping Vets Find Jobs

By Melissa Renahan, Military Spouse and Writer

With more and more veterans entering the job market as they transition out of the military, it is no surprise that larger companies are trying to recruit that talent. However, smaller companies are also reaching out and despite that, many veterans still don’t know where to look for available jobs and how to get from being recruited to being hired.

Just over 12 years ago, when veteran Ted Daywalt was running a recruiting company, he got a call from a retired Sgt. Master who was looking for a civilian job. He told Daywalt that he had paid another recruiter $5,000 to find him a job and Daywalt was enraged and decided to take action.

Daywalt, who spent seven years in the active duty Army and then another 21 in the Reserves, eventually founded Today, the site currently hosts between 160,000 to 180,000 visitors a month and on an average daily basis, there are close to 45,000 open jobs listed.

“Our resources are not just for the transitioning military, but for the existing veterans, their families and their spouses,” said Daywalt. In fact, has 4,000 active spouse resumes online since they are the first veteran job board to even allow spouses to post.

Yet, despite the traffic, is more than just a job-posting site, however. It offers education and guidance, like the Career Advisor test, which is typically a $250 expense that analyzes a person’s behavioral and technical aptitude, at no charge to its users.

“Many don’t have anyone to explain how the civilian working world works,” DeWalt said. “We got together with the test creators, Candidate Resources, Inc., and worked out a way to offer this to everyone. This way we are continuing to teach the veterans so they can interview well and retain the jobs.”

Daywalt’s staff is small, consisting of just 14 people, all of who are associated with the military and half of which are disabled veterans. In fact, Daywalt has never hired someone non-military since he feels they couldn’t relate to the clients in the same way.

The site has also been endorsed by the Military Order of the Purple Heart (which is the only endorsement the group has ever extended), and is endorsed and partially owned by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Recently, has been recognized as the leading veteran job site, which Daywalt attributes in no small part to being the only speculative investment made by the VFW in over 100 years. They continue to enter into strategic alliances to increase their reach, like one with, Hope4Heroes and a new possible one with SargesList.

“We look at a candidate and say you need help and we question how we can help them get a job, Daywalt stated. “The bottom line here is getting people jobs.”

Thank you for your service and we wish you luck in fulfilling your next mission,
Melissa and SargesList Team

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