Vets Hiring Vets!

C.R. EnglandC.R. England is a family owned and operated company that opened their doors in 1920. Gene and Bill England are both World War II veterans and have a special place in their hearts for veterans.  May 2012 they kicked off a veterans hiring initiative with the “Service to Semis” program. The company hired a retired Army Command Sergeant Major to spearhead the initiative.  Michael Lynch is very excited about helping veterans with employment as his second career.  Since the inception they have hired over 2500 Veterans as of December 2013.

Their one-of-a-kind program allows veterans to attend C.R. England’s Premier Truck Driving School for zero tuition with a six-month employment commitment. England even takes it a step further by guaranteeing their students employment with their company upon successful completion of the school and meeting the hiring criteria. C.R. England has now added additional veteran liaisons to the team to be able to take great care of the veterans that join their company. Their goal this year is to bring on 5200 veterans to deliver freight all over the nation.

The CDL program at the Salt Lake City campus is now GI Bill approved, so veterans can use their GI Bill or the Service to Semi’s program to obtain their CDL.

So how does a veteran start on their road trip to their CDL and a job with C.R. England. During the school training, students learn everything firsthand about a truck from the ground up during the 17 day training program. They will be out on the range learning how to back up and turn and drive the truck as well as going out on the local streets.

Once they have obtained their CDL they will do hands on paid training over the road with 2 trainers this last 30-45 days with each trainer. This ensures that they are comfortable, confident and competent when they are assigned to a company truck.

The greatest benefit of their program is that you do not have to relocate once you are completed with the training; the company allows the trucks to go home with you. This way you can operate form your current hometown and not have to worry about relocation for the job.

After you have gained some experience with the company, you can transition to become a trainer or get on Regional, National Dedicated or over the road positions.

We also hire current CDL holders they have  many opportunities when they come on board and jump into the seat of our trucks, the process for them is expedited  and follows a different path then those new to driving. In addition age isn’t a barrier for highway hopeful drivers. Those that can pass the DOT medical and have a current CDL can join the team.

If you are looking to rev up your employment opportunities and take on a challenging new career, then C.R. England is the company for you. We value you as a member of our team and look forward to what you will bring to the company.

Contact Mike Lynch at 866-219-6080 or by email at To apply or learn more please visit our Service to Semis website at Like us on   Thank you for your service and Salutes.


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