What to Purge Before PCSing to Hawaii and Other Subtropical Areas

PCSing to hawaii

No place for skis or snowmobiles here!

Current duty station location: NAS Whibdey Island, WA.  Next duty station?  Hawaii!

Only in the military do we find ourselves on opposite ends of the climate spectrum every couple of years.¬† What do you do when you’re moving from a winter wonderland to tropical paradise, or vice versa?

It is better to part with your climate specific gear rather than put it into storage. Think of the damage that can happen to an item from non-use: corrosion, rust, mice! Whether you have toys, lawn mowers, or tools, if something if you’re not going to use it at your new duty station, get rid of it and make some extra cash to buy what you really need: surfboards!

Here’s a quick list of items you should trim from your inventory before your next climate changing PCS:

  • Small Engine Equipment:¬† Small engine machinery like lawn mowers (riding and push mowers), weed trimmers, and other gas powered equipment should not sit unused for extended periods of times.¬† Often, the equipment won’t start up again after sitting there anyhow.¬† If you’re moving to a base with privatized housing, chances are lawn maintenance is provided by the management company, which is a great reason to sell with your garden gear pre-PCS!
  • Tools: Specifically snow shovels and other metal gardening tools that will see little to no use.¬† Metal tools will definitely rust if you’re moving to a humid coastal climate.¬† Sell them off while they still have use and value.
  • Car Accessories:¬† Engine blankets, tire chains, and other seasonal specific car equipment.¬† Part with them before you move because it will be darn near impossible to part with them at your new location.¬† Come on, who needs an engine blanket in Honolulu?
  • Your Car: If you can swing it, sell your car just before you leave. It will take weeks for your car to ship to the island, so instead of waiting,¬†¬†get an island beater when you get to Hawaii or lease a new vehicle.
  • Bulky Seasonal Clothing:¬† Unless you’re a dedicated snow-bum, chances are you won’t need your arctic standard snow suit, ice shoes, snow boots, and heavy sweaters.¬† Downsize some of your clothing and save on space.
  • Outdoor Recreation Equipment: Convert snow mobiles, skis, snowboards, and other gear into cash by selling the items, then use that cash to buy stuff you DO need like a surfboard, jet skis, or small boat.

Regularly purging your gear before a PCS is a great way to convert your climate specific gear to cash you can apply towards the new gear you’ll need for your next assignment!

Don’t forget, SargeList provides free listings to help you sell your stuff and find new stuff! ¬†To top it all off, rather than buying new gear when you leave the island, use SargeList to grab all of the things you need to tackle your new climate. Chances are, you’ll only need it for a few years before it’s time to pack and purge again!

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